About The Company

Maheen The Globe LLC is a Seattle-based, independent media outlet covering global stories and perspectives.

Vision and mission: To increase the visibility of a global narrative, a global perspective, where all sides of a story are showcased. Whatever rings global, we’re on it! We aim to elevate immigrants, BIPOC, and LGBTQ+ narratives. Now more than ever – with the current political climate and divisive politics – these voices need a platform. We focus on accurate reporting, fact-checked and honest stories as there are way too many biased, inaccurate news coverage and conspiracy theories that clutter the media today.
Organization values and culture: We're all about honesty, empathy, inclusion, curiosity, kindness and positivity. We work hard, play hard. Our newsroom is fast-paced and collaborative. We believe in mindfulness as a way of life. We are intentional in creating a safe space where there are no judgements.
Beats: Social impact, race, wellness, culture, business, music, fashion, space, food, coffee, climate, travel and art.

Our Team

Maheen Mustafa

Founder, CEO, Editor-in-Chief, Senior Writer. [email protected]

Austin Colwell

Music Contributor

Tessa Hoyos

Writer, Editor, Contributor [email protected]