I got a chance to connect with Aeta, a Houston-based food blogger. Here she fills us in on her blog journey and shares her take on the Houston food scene


Tell us a little about your food blog and how it all started.


I’v been an ardent food lover since childhood and my children certainly inherited the genes. Cooking is not just a hobby but a time of bonding for me and my sons. When my 9-year-old started showing appreciation for my food I realized maybe it was worth blogging about. I started taking casual pictures of the daily dinners I’d make. I received an overwhelming response to the blogs. That encouraged me to begin jotting down and making a record of all my recipes.


What’s your favorite cuisine you like to make and why?


My all-time favorite cuisine is Pakistani food. Nothing beats the flavors, the fragrance, the concoction of spices. It is an art in itself to master food from Southeast Asia. I believe historically the Moghuls took great interest in their food combinations, all of which have scientific and holistic significance behind them. Like the addition of turmeric-a natural healer as in essential spice in all South Asian recipes.



Tell us about the Houston desi food scene and what makes it better than any spot in United States.


As a food lover I have been fortunate to have ended up in Houston. The food scene has been elevated to new heights. The cultural diversity greatly contributes to Houston being the hub of international cuisine especially Pakistani food. From bun kebabs to falooda to some authentic street side chaat, Houston has perfected the flavors. With new and upcoming cafes and restaurants the competition is so tough that anything remotely average doesn’t stand a chance of survival. Therefore, people in the restaurant business are pushed to do something out of the ordinary and maintain food quality and standards.