Majda Segetin – a jewellery maker in old town Dubrovnik, Croatia


I’ve always had this fascination with handmade jewelry. It’s thoughtful, intricate and always has a backstory. On our tour of Game of Thrones in Kings Landing in old town Dubrovnik, Croatia, I was desperately looking for a quiet, cool, private space where I could nurse my daughter.  It was a very hot day. I stepped in this shop and asked this lady at the counter if I could nurse my daughter. Majda, the jewelry maker was so sweet, welcoming and understanding. Maha took a nice nap while nursing, and Majda and I began to talk. She told me her amazing journey as a mom. She has a three-year-old son. She told me her struggles, her wins, her career aspirations, her sacrifices. For that one hour, we talked and talked. We cried a little too. Empathized with one another. It was so cathartic to talk to a mom facing similar issues as me. She makes jewelry in this small shop in old town. She’s trying to balance her life with her child. Her child stays with her mother, while she works and tries to make a decent living for her family. Majda was my superhero that day. Every mom is a superhero! I bought her jewelry. Her collection was reasonably priced and had many beautiful, timeless pieces. Take a look! Here are some pics of her collection and some details about the shop.

Jewellery maker